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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

JagWaugh- I agree it is a total mess. And that, although the OUT vote was manipulated and based on massive lies- and that a Referendum in the UK is NOT binding- with such a close result- whatever happens is going to be very difficult and leave so many angry and disenfranchised- dangerous even. I have no asnwer- just Angst and fears for the UK I so love, where my children and grand-children live and where we intend to return one day.

But did you listen to this man - he is perhaps the only one talking sense now- and before the Referendum- but Gove, the Sun and Farage clearly told people not to listen to experts- didn't they.

Please, watch and listen.
I agree that it is a mess, and also that something needs to be done, and I have watched his video, and commented on it in a previous post, and I submit to you that if you were to ask him about the legality of somehow "tuning" the existing result (which I, perhaps mistakenly, think you want to see), then I submit that his answer would be a resounding "NO".

Ask any member of a Junta if they subverted the democratic process for the sake of the nation, their answer will always be "Yes".

I am glad not to be British. If I were I would be hopping mad, but I would have been hopping mad in the leadup as well, and would have made myself thoroughly unpleasant (Which as we all know I rarely do) to anyone not thinking clearly.

When the votes were counted however, I would regretfully accept the will of the people, and resolve myself to faclitate change at a grass roots level.

Even I, with my almost infinite power of persuasion, am hard put to sway someone who is hell bent on believing a lie of astronomical proportions.

There was a lie campaign, but there was also a significant number of willing believers - this is where you need to set the lever.

Not that long ago Hellmut Kohl stood up and said "We are going to purchase and entirely renovate one of the poorest nations in Europe, and it won't cost the taxpayers a single Mark" (I am paraphrasing). It was a monumental lie, but the Germans accepted it as necessary. Some lies are necessary.

Democracy is prone to liars, Plato pointed this out a long time ago, but as he also observed out, it is the preferable system.
If everyone you know agrees with you consistently, they are either not listening, or not capable of critical thought.

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