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New, and in need of information.

So, I won't lie. Haven't browsed through the forums for any answers just yet... I've always gone with a direct approach and ask first.

My name is Nick. I currently live in the US, and I am looking to join my (soon to be) partner in Switzerland... and I guess I'm at a total loss on some things! I think we have a list of most, if not all the paperwork I will need, both for the marriage, my application for residency permit with my partner, and so on... but we are both at a lost in a few areas.

I guess the biggest question of all up front would be taxes... as a US citizen will I still owe taxes living in Switzerland? I figured since I will not be living in the country or earning money here anymore that I would not, as long as I do not owe anything. Is that true? We're also unsure as to how I would affect my partner's taxes. Until I found a job I would be dependent on him. He is still finishing an apprenticeship if this information helps. Even once I got a job, how would this affect him, or us? I was told taxes are done by the canton, and we would currently be living in the Thurgau canton. My partner has also spoken of the possibility that I would receive unemployment compensation until I found a job, as long as I have worked recently and provide information showing so. Is this true, and what information or paperwork would be required?

I know health insurance is mandatory, and I'm pretty sure I will be able to be put on a plan with his employer's provider, so I think that's covered, but if there is anything specific I might need in terms of paperwork for this that I need, I'm not sure of.

I am currently learning high german, and receiving influence from my partner and his family when I have visited and stayed. I would love to take it a step forward, because currently (mostly because I'm here in the US, and don't practice it with anyone other than my partner) I feel like I am going nowhere with it. Are there any state sponsored language programs for people who are immigrating?

I know this is a lot in one introductory post, but I've got a lot to try and figure out. We're trying to make this happen as soon as we can. It's been six years that we have been together by the end of this week. We're excited to start this chapter of our lives. Thank you for any information you can help us with!
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