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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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This thread is becoming one giant broken record of the same people repeating the same things with slight variations.
As everything is up in the air, no government, no opposition, no artlcle 50 and great doubts about the whole thing, with more and more evidence to the lies fed to the population- the same questions will indeed be repeated, until we have answers. Hardly suprising, really.

Anyone who currently is absolutely sure of what is going to happen is either completely bonkers, or delusional.

Yes BM- I am totally aware of the contradictions. To go back, as a Swiss aborad I could have voted in Switzerland on all issues for the whole of my 39 years in the UK. I didn't- as I was deconnected to the issues and never intended to be back. And I am now questionning my right to have voted in the Referendum, after 7 years- although we do very much feel NOT disconnected, watch UK TV, read UK Press, go back very often and have children and grandchildren who will de directly affected, and intend to go back at some point. I do question the motives of voting- of anyone here who has no intention of going back and who do not have very close relatives who will be directly affected- why vote?
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