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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Hmmmm. I thought we all gonna die after Brexit. The FTSE is doing better than Brexit. Hmmmm. Maybe getting out of the EU wasn't such a bad idea after all?

At the end of the day- for the majority of the 48 %- what they feel now is not related to the FTSE- but to the ideals of post war Europe, of a Europe that collaborates rather than kills each other. It was the anniversary of the Somme yesterday- and that was very poignant for many of us.

And sitting here in the comfort of our mountains, watching the charts- and for some making quite a few bob too, because disasters always benefit some - it might be too easy to forget what is happening now in the UK. Despair for some, distrust, and a massive rise in racist attacks as Farage and the results have given their hatred legitimacy. Something broke in Great Britain the other day- that may never be mended. If you don't believe that, and think the FTSE will make it all better- then I despair a bit more.

Conspiracy theories JagWaugh? Well yes. But there are very few, even on the OUT side, who don't realise now that neither BoJo, Gove or Farage ever thought in a century of Sundays- that they would win- and now just don't know what to do. If you call that a conspiracy therory- so be it- the great majority believe it fact, and a large % now realise they have been fed lies upon lies, with the support of the Murdoch Press.

Even in primary schools, kids are being bullied for being Polish, or 3rd/4th generation Indian or West Indian even- and British people who were born here, of parents born here, are being verbally assaulted in the street since the vote. It's just so tragic to watch. So take your eyes of the FTSE and perhaps concentrate on the life of people. The people who voted out because of the lies they were told, will be the first ones to suffer, lose their jobs, etc- and they won't be happy, not happy at all. This is not the Great Britain I dreamed off for my grand-children, that is for sure. (They at least could go to live in Ireland or Switzerland).
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