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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

Idefix, you made your point- but could we go back to the UK now, and Brexit- and perhaps start another thread about the history of Yugoslavia and its later break-up. Please. My mum was born in 1915, and went to Court twice in 1927 and 1928- and was devastated when King Alexander was assassinated in 1934, and then followed the history very closely all her life (she died 2009 aged 94). I do have amazing pictures of her visits, and intend to go to Bled soon to see what it is like now.

Thinking about it- you could also say that Switzerland was thrown toegether totally artificially, different languages, different cultures, different religions and traditions too - they chose ot make it work- even though being pipped at the post in most referendi and votes, still grates very much and can be hugely frustrating. And the Jura question is still grumbling. But ...

Back to the UK now, and possible consequences for EU members living in CH.
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