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Re: New, and in need of information.

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I wanted to expand on your question of health insurance. Health insurance in CH is NOT handled via the company as you allude to in your question (as is often the case in the USA). It is handled independantly between the individual and one of the many insurance companies that offer the basic health insurance that you must have (everyone in CH is insured).

This base level of insurance (which is very good) is called LaMal in French or KVG in German (Krankenversicherung). The cost per month is dependant on your age, the canton/city you live in and what level of deductable you choose to self cover before the insurance kicks in. There are also several less expensive models available that are somewhat like HMOs in the USA that tend to have a lower cost but with restrictions. You can look at the options on a site called It will be in D/F/I languages.

As M-F mentioned, if you are not working, you will need to pay the accident insurance as well. It will be about CHF 10/month. This covers you for accidents that require medical attention (think skiing, hiking etc.)

Realistically, depending on your age, your health and the deductable you should count on about CHF 350/month.
so you say if a person loses his job he will not have to pay that insurance around 300 euro but instead only that basic cover of 10 francs for accidents. Did I understand corectly ?

btw comparis has it in English too
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