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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Right now we're still in the aftershock phase and not yet in the constructive go forward phase. Nobody wants to admit any form of error and both sides are prenetding they've come out of this totally unscathed and its the other side that is totally screwed.

The next phase will need to move beyond the posturing and call for some real leadership. I think we're lacking real lerader figures on both sides right now, and leadership vaccums tend to pose some risk and uncertainty. I'm not totally convinced by any of the present Conservative contenders, but assume May will make it, and guess she will do a good job by and large. On the EU side things are less clear. Can Junker keep his seat? Will Angela stand by him or stab him in the back? Is he a good crisis leader or just somebody who can keep things running in the good times?
She has elections next year so she needs to get her house in order and make sure the EU makes clear positive changes. Junker is now a threat to her.

Funny, it must be now dawning on a few that a friendlier and kinder big brother approach to helping the UK through this time would have benefited them better. Made the EU look stronger, rather than the hard line reaction which of course makes them come across as scared, threatened and weak.
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