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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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From an EU perspective, the UK is no longer "us" since the Brexit. There's no particular reason anymore to play nice.
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The EU hasn't exactly played nice with the Uk, er, ever. But they have mostly played civil and it is in their mutual interest to continue to do so.
Reading about Schulz's statement about the "importance" of Switzerland, noticing how Juncker behaves, observing some of the reactions of remain moaners, and you would think the world runs on currying favours. This seems to be the ambience of the culture around the EU and it does impart what its supporters believe. Basically, brown-nose and kowtow to those in power in the hopes of getting a better deal.

First of all, this is really a form of corruption. Furthermore, this is how you cultivate tyranny.

Personally, I think from now on, I would only support politicians who are not nice and not likeable, can show fangs, and most important is capable and willing of doing good. I've had it with all the emotional buffoons.
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