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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

Lets face it. The BREXIT is NOT going to happen.

The British have flirted with concept of "Direct Democracy" and realised how ridiculous it is to subject government prerogative to the will of the unwashed masses. As an experiment it has clearly failed because it has yielded the wrong result. What began as a clumsy blackmail attempt to squeeze better conditions out of the EU , together with a large measure of self-profiling by Cameron et al. has spun out of control and has allowed the ignorant voting public to be beguiled by even worse publicity seeking politicians into an unwise separation.

And the US is not neutral in all this. Didn't Obama attempt, albeit unsuccessfully, to instruct the UK voters ? What about the US's influence on European affairs through its faithful lackey, the UK ? That is, if it is still the UK, or is it the just the Kingdom now ? The 'Great' in Great Britain is known now only on the international post code.

Look at Switzerland for instance if you want to see what direct democracy brings. The country cannot even order fighter aircraft to defend itself because the proletariat have more important concerns like tram routes in Zürich etc.

The question now is, how is this absurd situation going to be unwound. There are a few possibilities which immediately spring to mind:

1. Provoke a war with Russia. This strategy is looking good already. Form a coalition of national unity. Forget Article 50.

2. Provoke a massive economic crisis. One is waiting to happen so, well, why wait ? Adopt emergency measures. Forget Article 50.

3. Dream up some other, less dangerous distraction like a legal debate on the validity of the vote to separate, probably coupled with an early election. Forget Article 50.

One big hurdle in all this is that Europe is quickly beginning to realise how nice it is going to be without the UK with its constant carping and pleading for special treatment etc. etc.

Interesting times lie ahead.
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