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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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My guess:
This is internal German politics linked to the next federal elections. Nothing to do with anything European, even if some media will find links in their imagination. It doesn't matter who is president of the parliament for Brexit negotiation as long as it is somebody who can be a puppet. Schulz showed signs that he might not be one. Easy. Furthermore, this job is probably needed as part of a negotiation that is not in the newspaper yet, and the CDU needs to bark at something in the next months, Schulz is SPD but not in the coalition government, an ideal target for CDU.
Too much of a coincidence then that they (Shulz and Juncker) were in favor before Brexit, and now they're not. Merkel's smart enough to know change is needed if Europe is to stay and work together and her actions are in-line with many calls across europe to change e.g. Slovakian's Fico made a strong statement today.
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