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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

We moved here 7 years ago, and bought our house here 8 years ago using - so the values are very clear to us.

In the meantime:

Britain First has announced it is to launch a “direct action campaign against Muslim elected officials” targeting “where they live, work, pray”.

The militant, far-right group says politicians such as Sadiq Khan and Sajid Javid would now be classed as “occupiers” intent on taking over the UK.

Polish shops are being vandalised and Polish families have their garden sheds next to their house set alight, and are being aggressed and insulted in the streets, at school, etc. Second, third generation British people of Indian origins are being spat at and insulted and told to f**k off back home...
Exactly what my mother witnessed in Munich 1933.

So even if the value of the is a real concern, and to us personally a bit of a disaster- this is not what matters- but the latter- which is tragic beyond belief.

We did intend to go back to the UK in our latter years, so this downfall could have worked in our favour at a later stage, but it seems much more likely now that our children and grand-children will be moving here instead- moving their business from the City to CH.

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