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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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"The EU has caused much more harm than good," Do you have factual examples? Or is this just propaganda?
I apologize for not being specific. EU has caused much more harm than good on some countries, but indeed benefited others. In Italy, for example, GDP per capita, wages, and purchasing power decreased heavily after the Euro (I can put numbers here if you want).

I am not against the EU or the Euro, on the contrary, I think it was an excellent idea. The problem is that the politicians screwed it up. First it was founded with a fundamental error: single monetary policy dictated by the EU central bank but with various fiscal policies dictated by each country. Second, and the most serious reason for this mess, was to set up a central controlled decision making structure with huge powers and bureaucracy.

While you have the USA, Canada, China, Malaysia, Australia, etc., who are very flexible and efficient, the EU on the other hand is lagging in most of areas involving trade, labor, and entrepreneurship. Take ridiculous regulations such as 20 items that an English fisherman needs to comply with to do his job or how a company should design and manufacturer a pillow.
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