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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

Well they chose the timing- so at least the Tories could give up their hols in the circumstances and get on with electing a leader asap. Surely (!?! ) - as they chose the date for the Referendum, they must have been aware -perhaps- that things would have to be dealt with afterwards?
Why choose such a ridiculous timing.

In the meantime, many businesses, industries and services are folding or planning their own exit, and cutting down activities, making people redundants, etc, the is falling and stock exchange up and down like a yoyo- and the countries planning to take over the above are not going to rest whilst MPs go off on their jollies to ... France and Tuscany, Spain, etc. And racist attacks on EU migrants and even British people, 2nd, 3rd and more generation, continue.

By September - lord knows what they will come back to.

Thank you for your wishes to go on holiday, but NO thanks. I take holidays when it's quieter- and I am on a permanent holiday anyhow. Gorgeous weather here, swim in the Lakes, lovely walks- why go away
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