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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Seems like a non-issue, no? Kind of a distinction without a difference, upon Brexit they switch back to UK as employer and that's that. The problem lies in the (lack of) knowledge and negotiating capacity available, and the potential unsuitable priorities of foreign help.
That's what the UK wants, but the EU has made it very clear that this won't happen. EU actually has little choice if they want to avoid all other 27 from doing the same as the UK.
Are they bothered by the idea of the interests of all 27 countries and its 500 million people taking precedence over EU interests?

The EU issues lots of statements, but most are merely words. The 27 countries are not united nor loyal to the EU. They each have circumstantial interests that change over time. EU statements only have a veneer of solidarity.

If the UK approaches this from the perspective of each country's self interest, instead of merely the UK's self-interests. I think it would resonate with the member states and it could easily dissolve that veneer of EU solidarity. I don't think the member states are as blindly loyal to the EU as the EU would like to portray. Perhaps entrenched government officials are. But when it start to connect with the population of those countries, it will be harder for their governments to maintain the same EU party line.

This does not have to mean a dissolution of the EU. Brexit could be the actual reform the EU needs to stay relevant for the future.
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