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Re: US Report on Saudi Involvement in 9/11 Released

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Saudi represents approx. 11% of US oil imports. US oil imports constitute approx. one-third of its total oil consumption. This equates to Saudi oil constituting approx. 4% of US oil consumption.

Fyi, from the link you provided, US imports of Saudi oil have dropped from approx. 1,433 thousand barrels a day in the early 90's to approx. 1,055 barrels a day today. This constitutes an approx. 27% decrease in US imports of Saudi oil over that time period, which doesn't seem quite the same as "roughly the same". In fact, US oil imports in 2005 represented approx. 60% of its consumption, whereas today those imports constitute approx. a third of its consumption.

"It's the oil" is an oversimplification because you know, the political far left is in no way smarter than the far right and likes to paint things black and white.

A long story short: there are two powers in the middle east: Iran is running the Shia Muslim world and Saudis are leading the Sunni Muslim countries. It does not take more than a map to see that they are the two large powers in the region. Iran is a long story, but in short: the US don't consider them buddies right now.

Leaves the US with one potential ally in order to have a political influence in what is probably the worlds most difficult region. Turkey and Israel, the other two allies are often more of an issue than a solution for the US. Having a good relationship with the kingdom makes from a strategic perspective perfect sense... but it makes you look like an idiot when:
- you spend an hour in the UN security council trying to make up connections between Bin Laden and Iraq... (and ignoring the obvious Saudi ties).
- complain about any dictators in the world and the need to bring them freedom (while ignoring the country with the second highest death sentences after China...)
- you claim the moral high ground for yourself in any way.

This is btw not an American problem but true for most "Western" countries.
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