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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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If you knew something about ARMs business, then you would also know that this company is not dependent on common market access, at all. They have zero manufacturing in the UK, and their products are chip designs, the actual manufacturing being done mostly in Asia.
They have centers all over the world, including a whole bunch of EU countries, and can hire talent as required.

Do you have any examples of companies that depend on single market access, and have European contracts to fulfill, announcing investment?
I do know that ARM is an IP driven business that makes its money from licensing and not from manufacturing. Nevertheless, their HQ is in Cambridge, and their earnings are booked in the UK.

What is interesting with the SoftBank purchase is that it will widen ARM's availability to hardware manufactures. ARM is at the top of the supply line for the upcoming generations of pervasive computing. Its profitability has yet to peak, hence SoftBank paid way over ARM's revenue and earnings. SoftBank's position in Asia should ensure that ARM will stay quite relevant from here on.
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