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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Let me guess: you came during a time when mass immigration was still unheard of. The facts now are simple: we have a treaty with the EU and a pool of workers of roughly 440 million after the Brexit. At the same time, immigration is too high - so as Switzerland won't be able to curb immigration from the EU, the only available option is to limit immigration from non-EU states. And that will happen.

Pre-bilaterals it didn't matter much where people were coming from, now it does.
I arrived last year as a non-EU. It took 16 days from visiting the Swiss embassy to receive my VISA. If the Swiss decide that I should leave, I will, but they know as well as you do, people like me who don't have the right to live in Switzerland aren't the source of the immigration problem. The issue with the EU is the loss of sovereignty that's been forced upon its members, and it's why the EU is getting hammered from so many public votes. You seem to like lawyerly arguments. My reading is that people in the West are moving back towards calling a spade a spade. The Eastern European nations seem to be quite euro-skeptic lately, so at some point the european federalists may run out of votes. If countries like Switzerland and Britain act and don't bother much with Brussels, I'm not confident Brussels will ever be able to extract any measure of vengeance. The amount of bureaucractic inertia in the EU is somewhat amazing even by european standards.
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