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Re: American Aeronautical Engineer looking for job in Switzerland

I'm curious - why Switzerland? Have you already spent considerable time here?

As others have mentioned, Switzerland is not an easy place for Americans these days, especially those who are just starting out, newly qualified in an foreign education system that might not be valued here. So you already start out with two strikes against you. It's not impossible, but you do need to understand how steep the hill you are setting out to climb actually is.

I worry when I see posts like yours, as we see so many Americans pop in to EF, wanting to immigrate due to a very... shall we say... unrealistic view of what they think Switzerland is. Your 'not in the EU' comment leads me to wonder if you might be thinking along certain political lines. Hopefully you are not one of those starry-eyed folk, hopefully you are not looking through overly rose-colored glasses.

But if immigration to Switzerland is a definitive goal for you, it is important that you understand how very different the real Switzerland is from the myth that is bandied about in the US media. Both sides of the US political divide seem to have equally wrong ideas about Switzerland, by the way.

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I am aware that without a family connection my only means of attaining residence and eventually citizenship is through employment.
Also be aware that as difficult as it is for a non-EU person to obtain a residence visa here, if you do manage it there is still a long and uncertain road to citizenship. Swiss citizenship is not a check-box application. No, you can meet all the stated criteria, you can be a good taxpayer, keep your nose clean, speak the language well, contribute significantly to the economy, provide jobs for the Swiss - and still be voted down by your fellow townspeople. There are no guarantees.

Not to dissuade you from pursuing your dream - heck, young people should be dreamers - but I would just advise you to do so with your eyes wide open, to make sure you fully understand what the dream you are chasing actually entails.

Wishing you all the best. And I do mean that.


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