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Re: Rottweiler in valais

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MC, out of interest, what caused this to happen? Too many incidents with these dogs?

I had a Dobermann, he was one of the sweetest dogs you could imagine. He probably would slobber you to death rather than bite.
The Oberglatt (ZH) tragedy launched a wave of anti-dog hysteria - and most of the cantonal BSL laws.

Condensed version: in Dec. 2005 three pit bulls escaped from their flat and killed a young child. The dogs were owned by a known criminal, illegally brought into Switzerland, kept starving, abused and thought to be trained for illegal dog fighting. The dogs were supposedly in the care of the criminal owner's friend at the time.

A horrible tragedy, of course one understands why people were so upset. There is no excuse for what happened. The criminal should have had the full weight of the law thrown at him.

And the tragedy was made all the worse by the fact that complaints against the criminal owner had already been made to the police - and ignored. Had any of the laws already on the books been enforced, this awful incident should never have happened.

The tragedy unleashed a wave of anti-dog feeling throughout Switzerland, fueled by the national media. Pictures of snarling dogs graced the front pages for quite some time. Politicians quickly reacted, lists of 'dangerous dogs' were drawn up, largely with no basis but prejudice.

Calls for 'something must be done!' were loud and clear. Many proposals were bandied about, some downright draconian. At the federal level these fortunately morphed into the mild SKN requirements.

(As a aside, this is why I get so hot under the collar when people refuse even to do these easy peasy SKN courses, or at paid dog carers who refuse to follow the law. I lived through the hysteria, my dogs (fluffy shelties!) were attacked. I know how close we came to losing our dogs - and how close we could easily come again. So for goodness sake: if any of you are still scofflaws - do the courses!)

About half the cantons have some form of BSL, either banning breeds altogether or putting restrictions on them. I remain adamantly opposed to BSL, as such laws only target that which is not a problem. Dogs who have never put a paw wrong are condemned. It's an old cliche, but apt nonetheless: deed, not breed. What I would like to see, however, is that we actually enforce training requirements across the board - an ounce of prevention, and all that. And I would like to see a consistent approach to dealing with owners who have been proven to be a problem.

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