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Re: Freedom of Movement for EU nationals: should the Swiss bend the knee?

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I'm genuinely curious about your views on integration and immigration. On the one hand, you describe Switzerland as a "a place full of arrogant Europeans who don't respect the country that is hosting them". Given your views on EU migrants living in Switzerland I found it a little amusing that you now lived in Berlin. I've been to Berlin and would imagine you find the situation there equally or more annoying. A curious choice, indeed. That's why I replied to your message. The most interesting part is that you now out yourself as one of those "arrogant foreigners" that work in the Berlin start-up scene for the money. Do you see the dichotomy here?

I have a few questions. Do you think Switzerland should adopt a different strategy from Germany regarding inwards EU migration and integration? If so, could you explain your reasoning? For example, is Berlin a special case with a society completely different from, say, Zurich? Alternatively, would you like Germany to also impose stricter conditions on inward EU migration - conditions that might have made your limited stay in Berlin difficult to arrange or even impossible? For example, I would imagine your start-up has English as the working language. Would you like laws that prevent that from happening? Should potential workers at your start-up have to pass an exam in German or even in the local dialect? What kind of legal benchmarks could exist to predict and enforce "integration" and how might they be applied? You are obviously highly self-aware so I'm also wondering about your emotional response to considering yourself as one of those "arrogant foreigners"? For example, I've worked for some employers in the past where I felt morally compromised but kept on taking the cash anyway. It didn't make me feel good at all. Does your stay in Berlin affect you in a similar way?

I'm genuinely curious about your outlook. There is a point to be made here but so far I have failed to fully understand it.


Germany had it coming, when it made the ECB follow a monetary policy 100% aligned to its own needs and interests. The result was that everybody in Southern Europe got completely f***ed. All the jobs moved from Southern Europe to Germany, then they realized they did not have enough qualified Germans to do these jobs, and then they asked us to move here and take these jobs.
Since it all started from German arrogance, I really don't feel sorry to see all these foreigners here refusing to learn German and integrate. It's not Southern Europeans exclusively, but they do form the largest group in my experience. I also know a few Scandinavians and Eastern Europeans who refuse to learn German and insist to get by speaking exclusively English.

On the other hand I really love the Swiss way of life, and I would like the Swiss to preserve it, even if it means that the country will lose many jobs that will be moved to Germany.

And BTW, I was exaggerating a bit when I described myself as an arrogant foreigner. I am actually learning German, even at a slow pace, and I don't miss any opportunity to practice (e.g. by being the organizer of the weekly German lunch at the start-up in which I work now.
From August 1 I will be moving to Hamburg for a new job at an ex start-up (a successful one ) and they offer free German classes at the office, which I am planning to attend.
Moving in and out of Switzerland (because it's fun).
Currently away. Miss the Alps.
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