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Re: Freedom of Movement for EU nationals: should the Swiss bend the knee?

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With a foreigner-precentage of 24.3% (2015) what are you talking about?! (Not to mention all the naturalized, colorful Swiss). GB had 6.6% in 2011 .... didn't find newer numers but I doubt it's 24.3 yet?
Zurich was always buoyant and colorful - okay with the amount of Germans there at the moment it must have lost colors a bit. But the Swiss way of life the way you seem to see it doesn't excist, except maybe in the mountains or Appenzell.
I don't see any "Swiss way of life" where I live in Zurich and have no desire for it to return, if it existed here at all. That's why I said I would run to the hills if Zurich regressed to the "Swiss way of life" and then pointed out that the hills, such as Appenzell, still have something like the "Swiss way of life". Ha ha ha ha ha, I'd need to run in the opposite direction, ha ha ha ha ha. I'd say that everything I said is in agreement with everything you just said. Did you reply to the wrong post? No worries, if you did.
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