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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Iceland's absence in the EU is a consequence of the Cod War... against the UK.

What happened with the fish industry in the UK is precisely what Iceland didn't want for themselves as the part of fishing in the economy is not the same and still, the small fishers are dying out in Iceland like anywhere else, because this is due to the nature of industrial structures with or without EU. I totally understand that UK fishery wants to ban other EU boats from UK waters. The issue however is what happens with the fish caught by EU-free English fishers: Will it be too expensive for UK consumer? Under which conditions will it be allowed as import into the EU or elsewhere? Where will the investment needed to put up fishing industry up going in the UK come from? Will the UK demand reparations for decimated fishing industry due to EU regulations? Will fishing issues be put into the balance in a bigger plan of negotiations and what weight would it then have? And will all this fish be caught by English fishers for themselves or by English employees on boats for big (foreign or not) companies paying peanuts? One can hope. Farage does.

The reason Norway still has a good fishing industry is that they export the cod for high prices, two third of exported fish comes from fish farming with salmon as a main product, and Norwegian consumers buy Norwegian fish a lot hence paying for their own fishing industry. Will the UK be able to do that? Will they be competitive against Norway for the same kind of fish? How much of this success depends on weak national currency towards the Euro and oil prices creating prediction uncertainty? Will EU countries buy English fish the same way they buy Norwegian fish thanks to Norway's access to the single market? One can hope. Farage does.
Scottish Salmon tastes much nicer, than any farmed Salmon, I generally avoid Norwegian farmed salmon as it's got such a boring taste & horrible colour v the real thing.

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