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Re: Freedom of Movement for EU nationals: should the Swiss bend the knee?

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With a foreigner-precentage of 24.3% (2015) what are you talking about?! (Not to mention all the naturalized, colorful Swiss). GB had 6.6% in 2011 .... didn't find newer numers but I doubt it's 24.3 yet?
Zurich was always buoyant and colorful - okay with the amount of Germans there at the moment it must have lost colors a bit. But the Swiss way of life the way you seem to see it doesn't excist, except maybe in the mountains or Appenzell.
Ok, let's just be for a second honest about those numbers: The vast majority of foreigners in Switzerland are German, Austrian, French, Italian and from the Balkans. The first four integrate so easily that only the "Yugos" are even visible as foreign population. And while the Swiss might have their issues with immigration from the Balkans: Let's be honest again and agree that overall there might be some cultural differences and minor issues in every day life - but that's a very long way from the Muslim neighbourhoods I have seen in London in the last two years. I went there because I like it. I like international food and I really felt that I was stepping into a different world in some parts of London. I see how some right winged xenophobe might not like it... it's pretty extreme...

So: While the overall number of foreigners might be much less (which I kind of doubt as it is much easier to get a UK passport and fall out of the statistic): The foreigners who went to the UK from a lot of former colonies, most notably Pakistan, are much more visible and "foreign" compared to the foreign population of Switzerland.

Yes, there were some ugly cases of discrimination against Polish in the UK, but let's be honest one last time: Many people did not vote for Brexit to get the Italian guy out making Pizzas. They fell for the argument that leaving the EU would give the UK "control" back and then they could kick out those other people... which has nothing to do with reality. But reality is not the strong point of UKIP or it's voters...
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