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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Because it's more than made up for by services, which UK exports. This money flow (trade+service) is summed up in the balance of payments.
Yes there is, they require a counterparty. Switzerland has been looking for a partner to negotiate with for almost three years now, and counting.

UK wants access to EEA without FMOP, that doesn't compute. Without free access the economy (in particular the financials) will suffer, and with FMOP it's not what voters voted for. Try sqaring a circle.
The thing is it's all open. Europe is willing to negotiate with the UK because they want part of the UK. Germany and the UK were the only two nations that met all the criteria for the free market, so the UK is a big player. Germany exports a lot to the UK, they will want to maintain that. Switzerland is not such a player. The quote during the referendum was that the overall balance between the UK and Europe is in Europe's favour.

There's also the rest of the world to negotiate with (more than half of the UK trade).

Sure people want to trade with Europe, but it's not the target market anymore. Listen to executives, they target Asia, and America is always a target. Europe as it stands at the moment is not an attractive proposition. The member states are all struggling with several issues.

The UK will always be able to attract business because it's the English speaking access point to Europe. America and Asia are already saying they stay on terms.

FMOP is not a sustainable concept. People move naturally to acquire wealth, they don't move in the opposite direction. Which leads to overcrowding and social issues.

The original idea of the European market for free trade is good, but what Europe has built up politically around it is not acceptable to the masses.
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