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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

I went for a hike yesterday after work, and it was quite a big one. By the time I got home I was exhausted and ready or bed. Just then, this little beauty popped up:

The Cliff notes:

-The AP analyzed the Isis entry form documents of around 4,030 foreign recruits who crossed into Syria when the group was rapidly expanding and seizing territory in Iraq and Syria in 2013 and 2014. At that time, the CIA estimated the extremist group had between 20,000 and 31,500 fighters across Iraq and Syria.

-The AP analysis of the ISIS recruitment forms have indicated that the vast majority of recruits for ISIS consider their own level of knowledge about Islam to be 'basic'. this was the lowest level they could choose. 70% considered their knowledge basic, while 24% considered their own level 'Intermediate'. Only 5% self categorised as having a deep understanding of the religion.

-Of all of ISISs foot soldiers, the vast majority of volunteer suicide bombers came from those who considered their knowledge basic. The self categorised 'advanced' level almost never volunteered, suggesting they were not convinced it was legal, according to a study by the US military's Combating Terrorism Center, an academic institution at the United States Military Academy. "If martyrdom is seen as the highest religious calling, then a reasonable expectation would be that the people with the most knowledge about Islamic law (Sharia) would desire to carry out these operations with greater frequency," said the report

-One of the men identified, Karim Mohammad-Aggad, was one of a group of 10 from Strasbourg. He described his own recruitment process as 'bar-hopping' with a senior recruiter, Mohammed Fares. Fares apparently used very little religion and mainly used 'smooth-talk- to convince them to join IS. most of the recruits believed they were going to fight Bashar Al Assad.

-Said Mr Aggad: "My religious beliefs had nothing to do with my departure."

-Expressing a common sentiment shared by many Europeans of North African descent, Mohammed-Aggad told a court he felt like an immigrant in Algeria and "a dirty Arab" in France

-When asked about Sharia and how ISIS implements it, Mohammad-Aggad, a former gas station attendant, appeared dumbfounded, saying repeatedly: "I don't have the knowledge to answer the question". He knew very little about sharia.

-Another fighter was asked if the beheadings adhered to Islamic law. He replied 'I don't have the credentials to answer that'.

-2 british fighters for ISIS order two books from amazon to prepare for their voyage: 'The Koran for dummies' and 'Islam for Dummies'

-Patrick Skinner, a former CIA case officer with extensive experience with Mideast extremist organizations, said some people claim allegiance to Isis out of religious belief, but that most who join, including those from the West, are people "reaching for a sense of belonging, a sense of notoriety, a sense of excitement." "Religion is an afterthought," said Mr Skinner

-A close look at the Isis group's top commanders shows that many had no religious credentials but once held senior positions under Saddam Hussein's secular Baathist government

-Said one gay recruit of ISIS: 'People like me were tricked into something that they didn't understand. I never meant to end up with IS.'
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