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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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Sorry to disagree again with you.
-Palestinian baby burned by nationalist Ultra Orthodox
- Teenager killed at Gay Pride and others stabbed by Ultra orthodox
- Modesty patrols violence against women and shops open on Shabatt.
- Hasidic violence in NY against black gay man
- Police refuses to enter Mea'Sharim because of violent ultra orthodox residents
cherry picking headlines is easy, but the numbers tell a different story.Ultra orthodox jews rarely commit violent crime (Murder is very rare in Ultra orthdox communities).

Religious Muslims, unfortunately, commit violent crimes and their victims number in the millions - Alegria alone suffered at least 100,000. you can continue in alphbetic order.

The difference is that Islam is a political religion, seeking influence in the world.

The Burka/Burkini/Hijab/Niqab is seen (possibly wrongly), as the "uniform" of Islamism, hence the legislation.
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