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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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Israeli Muslim Arabs are much more likely to commit violent crime than any other group. Israeli Christian Arabs much less likely.

btw - Religious Muslim women and relgious Jewish orthodox women wear very modest swimming clothes. never caused problems.
You know perfectly that education level is higher among Palestinian christians than Palestinian muslims. Wouldn't a wise person like you conclude that violence is consequence of lack of education instead of "religious" or "racial" reasons?

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cherry picking headlines is easy, but the numbers tell a different story.Ultra orthodox jews rarely commit violent crime (Murder is very rare in Ultra orthdox communities).

Religious Muslims, unfortunately, commit violent crimes and their victims number in the millions - Alegria alone suffered at least 100,000. you can continue in alphbetic order.

The difference is that Islam is a political religion, seeking influence in the world.

The Burka/Burkini/Hijab/Niqab is seen (possibly wrongly), as the "uniform" of Islamism, hence the legislation.
Your depiction of ultra-orthodox community as perfect is unfortunately not related to reality. Violent crimes are not higher than other communities but also not lower. Several sexual abuse against children, violence against those who want to leave the ultra-orthodox community, gang violence against women by modesty patrols are very very well known and common in Jerusalem. Several recent statements by ultra-orthodox rabbis raise serious questions about future co-existence with secular israeli jews....not speaking here at all about Arabs or palestinians.

Burka/Burkini/Niqab should be banned for security reasons, and it's not mentioned anywhere in the Quran. Those who want to wear Hijab should do it if it's their own wish. Hijab is not mentioned in Quran as says that women should show "modesty" to do it is open for interpretation.
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