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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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Whether you like it or not, noname, they were Muslims, and to quote you,

'side A is a land with no islam whatsoever'

'No Islam whatsoever' means no Muslim influence whatsoever - which means none of their achievement either. You cant pick and choose.

The fact is, Muslims, or as you call them, 'islam believers', have contributed far more to modern society than you actually realise, and are comfortable with, I venture.

Tell you what, why don't you try to live without those things for a week - and come back and tell us how it was. Better still, why not carve out a place in a secluded area, and live like that for the rest of your days? Im sure the 'islam believers' wont mind if you take a toothbrush with you though.
its as if i would claim the numerous inventions done in the west were done because of christianity, even in the many cases the scientist was actually a christian. it was done despite religion. im convinced that we would be much farther ahead in science if it wasnt for religion.

you cant say that some dude invented x back in the day it when it was "believe or die" and then claim that he invented x because of that religion. the religion itself does not contribute if not downright inhibits.

i say "islam believers" to stress its about religous people. since you seem to think muslims == arabs

many people want to live according to islam standards and want to force them on people that do not fancy that. you want to live like that, fine by me. but lets part ways so we do not bother each other. like i said, win-win.

im not sure why you start a pissing contest with "islamic" inventions like the toothbrush. im not even gonna play because its too obvious what the outcome will be.
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