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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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First analogy is sensationalist, out of touch with reality, and obviously exaggerating for effect. Nice going!
Point remains valid though. Saying we don't know what will happen was the worst argument for remaining in the EU. Fortunately the voters saw right through it.

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Also, why is it difficult to equate countries to citizens?
Again, the argument is basically "no contribution = no vote".
Which is insane, because entities do not vote equally because they contribute equally. They vote equally because they are respected as equals on the principle of isonomy.

Which is kind of a major thing in democracy.

Funny how supporters of BREXIT accuse the EU of being undemocratic and ask undemocratic measures at the same time
If the population of Bulgaria was the same as the UK or Germany then you may have had a point. Under the current system they are more than equals. This isn't democracy.

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If you really believe that the Greeks's problems come in any way from the EU, you have zero idea about Greece and its plights. The Greeks have ONLY themselves to blame for most (if not all) of what is happening and every election just solidifies the fact.
The EU (and the rest) might not be totally helpful, but Greece without the EU would be in a hugely worse position over the last 30 years.
I guess by this logic the American public were also ONLY to blame that Lehman brothers went bust?

The EU together with th IMF (and the Greek government) are quite happy to leave Greek children with a debt they can never possibly pay off.
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