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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I think we need, at least, an outline of what Brexit is going to look like and a referendum held on that before activating Article 50.

If the first referendum question was "Are you hungry?", the second one should be "Do you want steak tartare with a side salad?"

The response would be radically different.
As has been stated several times, you do not keep running an election until you get the result you want. Theresa May has said BREXIT means BREXIT, Jeremy Corbyn says the decision is democratic and needs to be respected. They were both against BREXIT in the campaign.

On the news last night it was reported that May has given her reports until Wednesday to present how BREXIT will be positive for Britain in their areas and that Britain will remain part of the free market with immigration controls.

These people have to do it even though they were against BREXIT.

She has consulted her lawyers about the legal challenge and it won't win, she will enact Article 50 herself.

That's the stand at the moment. All the negative press and hypothesis about BREXIT so far has proved to be hot air. But it will continue to come.

So far May is driving it all in a very positive and constructive fashion.
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