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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

Speaking from a UK point of view, the EU has actively contributed to and indeed resurrected social cohesion and communities by financing redevelopment in derelict areas. The fact they've not put a big fat plaque on a wall for all to see doesn't mean they've not been there in the background.

A resident in a town in Cornwall was mid-rant about the EU on the TV news before the referendum asking what the EU had ever done for him and his area and the reporter pointed out the leisure centre, renovated technical college and the retirement home behind him were paid for with EU money.

"Yeah, but they're all used by immigrants!"

A lot of very deprived areas in the UK had life breathed back into them from EU funding, which otherwise would have been left to rot.
That may be true, though I'm not sure the EU should be credited with that. They aren't really in a position from Brussels to determine what and how needs to be addressed somewhere else. These are decisions that are determined at the local level. So they may have funded it as they were required, but I do not believe they know what is best for everybody everywhere. Which is really the problem with a centralized planning community like the EU. Who is to say such improvements would not have been made without the EU?
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