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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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That's what I thought too.

What I can't understand is why a system involving a European Commissioner appointed by an elected government and involving directly elected MEPs is less democratic than having a PM appointed by their party bypassing parliament and ruling by royal prerogative following a non-binding referendum result reflecting the views of 37% of the voting population.
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That's not even 35% of the total voting population of the U.K. the winning margin was about 4% and the reality is most of those voting out were duped into it by politicians who mostly didn't understand what they were campaigning for, except their own personal political ambitions, that seem to have backfired.
If the referendum voting results were the same in a general election under the current FPTP system it would have been a land slide the like we've not seen. Brexit won. Democratically. Get over it.

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So because he is not a citizen, doesn't live there, and isn't allowed to vote there, Phos is also not allowed to have an opinion on UK politics?


I think i'll pop over to the Trump thread and lambast any Brits who have dared to state their opinions on US politics. After all, it doesn't affect them, right?
Exactly. "You don't come from there so can't have an opinion" is the worst possible argument. Some of the behaviour of a few members over the last few pages is nothing short of mobbing.
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