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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

I think this comment is the bit where it starts to unravel. The intimation you make here is that "all" remain voters think the same way. That's kind of like saying "all" leave voters were motivated by immigration, which is patently not true.
I can't see how there would be "widespread" feeling to hurt your own country. It's more likely to be a small but angry (and loud) minority. My contacts/family back in the UK are still shaking their heads in disbelief or mentally punching the air in celebration, depending on who you talk to but there doesn't seem to be any show of extreme reactions.
Believe it or not, I asked because I assumed every individual had their own opinion on the matter. I wasn't expecting a singular opinion by "all" remain voters. Only that when it comes to the point of deciding between one's bitterness about losing a referendum, and the interest of the UK, I'm curious to get an idea of how far they would carry their bitterness along.
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