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Re: Permits and leaving CH (but maybe coming back)

Yes tax is one thing but there are some others. If you apply at your Gemeinde you can have an extension which permits you to leave for a total of 24 months. During this 24 months you need not enter Switzerland or live here but you need to have a return address and somewhere to collect your mail. You are dropped from the requirement to complete the tax returns for any complete year which is within the 24 month period...

"Officially" returning within that 24 month period is not exactly advisable as it starts a tax clock going ie you need to fill in the forms which by the way you do even if you did not work within that year and are resident here...

I would suggest you remain registered here at a friends address claim unemployment and then if and when you find something in another country formally deregister.
Hi Richard, thanks for the info.

Does the address have to be in Switzerland, or would a contact address back in the UK be enough? How about a PO Box in Switzerland with the mail being forwarded to the UK?

It'd be great if I could stay 'resident' to claim unemployement benefit when I get back, but as sfiki points out below your post, it seems that you have to meet the criteria of being available for work at 24hrs notice and have a monthly meeting at the RAV.

Since I'm planning on being in various parts of the Southern Hemisphere for three months, this just isn't going to be possible.

What would be great would be if I could come back after three months and begin my unemployment claim then. However, I've got a feeling that even though the RAV won't pay me for three calendar months on account of my quitting myself, they will expect me to play by their rules whilst I'm waiting......I don't suppose if you know different?


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