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Re: Opticians query - granny glasses

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Time to renew my glasses. Last time I said I wanted purple frames & metal. The optician (or sales person - whoever sells them in the opticians) handed me a pair of frames. I said ok as they are indeed metal & purple.
When the glasses were made up (varifocal lens) I was quite surprised to see the lenses were much thicker than the frame. Is this normal? I didn't react or complain as I thought it was probably just me not knowing the lenses are so thick now I am advancing in years.
Do you think she should have known & advised me not to take these frames (the ones she recommended) & advised me to go for plastic instead or does this look normal?
I am intrigued to know what other people think before I go to order some new glasses & whether I should go to a different place this time.
Yes I think she should have looked at your prescription and the proposed lens type and helped you find suitable frames based on this information as well as your wishes. I personally do not like lenses to be thicker than the frames of my specs. I don't like how it looks and I would be concerned about the fit. Is there a "thinking"period (or similar) regarding your new glasses? Can you how back and explain?

Good luck.
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