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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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And the first question which I posed?

I am aware that you think the EU is the boogey monster.
You mean as for the UK leaving at any cost?

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So honesty isn't a big issue for you? Out of EU at all costs, whoever however, just leave?
I think most of the payload of Brexit has already been delivered in regards to the EU. Its opened up topics they weren't willing to talk about before. First job is done.

The execution of Article 50 is something the current government will now have to delicately execute. I don't think this should be done haphazardly. First and foremost, the country is still divided, even within Theresa May's cabinet. These divisions will manifest themselves in the execution of exiting, and hurt the country. It really needs to be done very tightly within the cabinet and the civil services.

Theresa May still has a job to lead. She needs to align her Chancellor, her ministers and civil services along a unified and cohesive line. She may need to purge some of them if necessary. She then needs to get the rest of the country on board. I think this is more important than executing Article 20 compulsively. So not necessarily at any cost, but yes, they need to make good on Brexit.

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