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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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That make no sense at all. An attacker would not be characterized as having "mental health issues" until after committing their crime, consequently being examined by a psychiatrist who would then apply the label. Any "stigmatization" would be after proof of violent tendencies, in which it case it isn't stigmatization at all -- just a correct diagnosis.

Or are you suggesting that psychiatrists are incorrectly diagnosing mental illness in hordes of patients who consequently became enraged at the "stigma" attached to them and resort to violent acts that would otherwise never have occurred? (Hint, the answer is no.)

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Lately, a lot of criminal acts and terrorism have been labelled as "mental health issues" by law enforcement before they can truly assess the situation. I suppose it is more calming for the general public than declaring yet another terrorist attack. John Kerry even goes so far as saying that we can get rid of terrorism if the media would simply stop reporting it. Sort of like a magic trick.

So psychiatrists warn that mental health patients should not be unfairly lumped together with criminals and terrorists. Here's one such statement from the Austrian Society of Psychiatry (in German):
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