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Re: Road bikes in Zurich area

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Hello, folks! I am a foreign student coming to Zurich in a few days to start Master studies. I am anticipating buying my first road bike here in Zurich and start training for PBP-2019 . I have taken up marathons recently (200 km ride was so far the longest). I would really appreciate any advice where to buy and what exactly to buy (I am a rather short female, 5'1 tall and 29 1/2 legs). As this is going to be my first road bike and I am a Scholarship student my budget is as low as possible but reasonable. I am aware of and scrutinising their web page from time to time.
Are you looking exclusively for a 'modern' bike, or might you be interested in a 1990's Peugeot 'Richard Virenque' Team Festina Replica? Just like this one (for reference only).

Edit: just checked the frame size, which at 53cm (C-T) might be a bit too big for you.

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