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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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This is what Scientists for EU ( say on their Facebook page about the Japanese government's letter:

"You should read the Japanese government letter. As one SfEU follower wrote on Twitter: "Almost seems as though the Japanese govt understands what Brexit means better than the British."

The letter puts all the top negotiating cards in EU hands. Basically saying that if negotiations don't preserve almost everything, then Japanese companies in the UK from pharma, tech and manufacturing will relocate to the EU. It even invites the EU to help make this transfer easier. The Japanese government clearly supports freedom of movement - its companies in the UK rely on both skilled and unskilled labour from the EU. The letter says the UK should preserve EU regulations (awkward for those who would throw off "EU chains") and access to EU research programmes. It also wants the European Medicines Agency to stay in London. That's very unlikely to happen."

SfEU Facebook page:
Funny thing is they said the same thing 24 years ago when Britain pulled out of the ERM........ And Japan has been in a recession for longer than that, so the Japanese experts don't have a clue how to manager their own economy.
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Opting out of the EU is one thing, but what we witnessed yesterday was the power of globalisation. Try opting out of that!

Over a decade ago, I had a debate with an American guy who insisted that my UK home would be filled with American made products. Being a total geek, I did an inventory of all the black and white goods in my home, and the one and only thing that was American made was my Microsoft XP disc. I was shocked how many items were made in Japan or Korea.

The guy came back with "I bet the car on your drive is made by GM." so I sent him a photo of my Mazda.

With so many non-EU countries having an HQ or major production plant in the UK as their 'in' into the EU economy, I feel this is where we'll be hit the hardest. Other Global powers have the choice to see our departure as a blessing or a handicap. Personally, what I don't want to see is the UK become China's puppy, like many countries in Africa have.

I was reminded of this quote from Napoleon about China the other day, after seeing that a friend has painted it onto his, soon to be born, daughter's nursery wall.

"Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will move mountains”
There is a very good reason the Japanese manufacture Cars & very little else in the UK / Europe. Cars have a 10% tariff, electronics varies from as little as 0%.......

Video cameras with inbuilt recorders had a 60% tariff up until about 10 years ago to protect Thompson / Philips. That particular tariff has cost me personally more than I ever saved by free movement of all other goods in 30 odd years as an adult.
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