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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

Some international industry leaders are willing to gather all their facilities and find another base while others see it as an opportunity. Whichever way you look though, big industry is keeping a close eye on it which is a good indication that it's a complex issue.

Personally, I really hope it all works out and the UK thrives as I've got family and friends there and I'd hate to see their quality of life take a nose-dive.

Sure changes bring realignment of industries. That is just normal. The same thing can happen for a myriad of other economic issues apart from Brexit. What Brexit allows the UK to do is realign according to what is in its best interest. Take a look at France, Italy, Spain and Greece. These are countries that do not have the leeway to adjust because of their EU membership. These are also countries that have had decades of stagnation with problems they cannot fix because of their EU membership. I don't see how its better to be helplessly stagnant than to have some agility and sovereignty over one's national problems.
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