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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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You've also got to look into why it is important to them.

The Visegard countries are coming out of a deep recession. Their domestic industry was ravaged by the fall of the iron curtain as they were unable to compete with the vastly more productive and efficient western competition. Those comapnies that did survive were often wrecked in incompetent privatization attempts. The result was weak currencies and high unemployment combined with a high level of education and training which made it both attractive and viable for large numbers of people to go to places like the UK to look for work.

However, the pendulum is slowly swinging back. The Visegard economies are recovering. In Hunagry unemplyment is down from something like 20% in 2010 to something like 6% today. House prices are going up like crazy too. Maybe FMOP still matters very much today, but give it another 5 years or so and the flow of FMOP may actually reverse and people will be going into those countries to fill job vacancies. Then they will be in a position to dictate the terms.
In five / ten / fifteen years, anything is possible.
But right now, they are strongly for free movement to be preserved, and claims of a "nationalist movement" to get rid of it are nonsense.

So, to get rid of free movement, perhaps Brexit should have been voted upon when more Brits wanted to go to Hungary,
than Hungarians wanting to come to the UK.

But in that case methinks there would be a HExit vote happening, not a Brexit vote.
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