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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Why would they need any public discussion? The people voted & thats where the public discussion ends.
If you go into a restaurant and order turf 'n' surf and a side of chips / fries, then the waitress comes back with sausage and mash with a prawn cocktail side, you're going to have issue with that and rightly so.

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you couldn't make it up.
I could easily have predicted that. What you couldn't make up was the last two weeks of June as a whole.

You like to emphasis 'bitter' and 'losers'. These words do not show in the Thesaurus under 'anxious', 'concerned', 'betrayed' or 'excluded'.

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Cant be difficult to predict what people want..... I don't see how this is so complicated.

Only the Swiss would vote to increase petrol prices & speeding fines.
It's complicated because political awareness and understanding in the UK is not as ingrained in the populous as it is here in Switzerland, and I believe, in the US also. Only a year ago, many British people would have said...

"I don't get involved in politics because I don't understand it."

"Why bother voting when they're all con men."

Some of the most politically vocal / critical people I know, do not vote and didn't vote in the referendum. They firmly believe it's all rigged and we're all brainwashed by religion, chem trails and the media.

Swiss people are raised with the belief that it is their right and responsibility to vote in several referendums per annum, and that the results are legally binding.

American's are raised with the very real importance of voting and, at least, taking an interest so that they can make an informed decision. They may be on their second PhD before they can fully understand the American electoral system, but I feel they have a better grasp of the responsibilities of citzenship that your average Brit.

One of the biggest problems with the EU referendum, and I am guilty of not realising this until a few weeks into the campaign, is that there were a number of different campaign groups on each side of the debate. So, it was completely possible to deplore Farage and everything he stood for, yet still be in support of the official Leave campaign, which Farage was not a member of, and which held a number of different stances to his campaign.

A friend described the situation we find ourselves as, imagine if the US voted Republican, Democrat or Independent 6mths ago. The winning party would then randomly chose whoever they wanted as President.

A second referendum once the details of the pre-Brexit agreement were known, would be the like...
Once you know which US party had won, the whole nation voted again on which candidate of the winning party should be elected as President. That would be the inclusive thing to do...
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