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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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What matters when considering "Muslims" is the question of whether we are talking about someone who is broadly defined as Muslim, such as my best friend, or someone who is an actual Sharia adherent.

Sharia is what justifies the use of violence against nonbelievers, as well as the coercion of Muslim women into a drastically inferior social and legal status. (How non-Muslim women can be treated under Sharia is unspeakable even on the internet.)

Just being a Muslim does not mean that someone is going to go out shooting/bombing/ramming/stabbing/enslaving/raping/beating/forcing the hijab, hiqab, burka, etc. It's the belief in Sharia that serves as the basis for such acts,as well as the basis for the culture of support of such acts.
basically - the more religious the person is, the more likely to be mysogenic, racist, violent.
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