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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

I'm not sure what the value there is in identifying Muslims by their ethnic or cultural backgrounds. I think people would more likely react to the problem of terrorism in a racist manner by doing so. Those who have committed terrorism have span across all gamuts of Muslim ethnicity. Not sure one can claim one type is peaceful and another isn't, or for any such purpose of classification. You'd get into issues of racist bigotry at that point. Well, but what else can one expect from an article in the Guardian?

Ultimately, terrorism is of personal dispositions.

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basically - the more religious the person is, the more likely to be mysogenic, racist, violent.
Religiosity or psychological problems, if there is a large difference between the two, I don't know. Not sure how important it is to differentiate between the two, as it matters little to a dead victim. The problem is there appears to be quite a lot of such individuals. France has about 15,000 they are currently watching, and Germany said they have over 500.

And then there are a larger number of Muslims who would never hurt a fly, yet "understand", support, or tacitly agree with the motives of terrorists.

I think it would be more useful for Muslims to identify themselves across a scale of political and/or religious violence. I don't think this is something non-Muslims can or should do for them. Muslims need to do it for themselves, as they are by far the biggest victims of the ideology.

In the meantime, it is perfectly rational to increase security measures for a known unquantifiable threat. It would just be easier to apply proper measures if the threat was quantifiable. Except nobody really knows how to quantify it.

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