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1-year Half Fare VS GA (discounted for the value of Half Fare)?

Dear All,

I am trying to get my head around it, but I just can't, please help

Basically, I'm moving to Switzerland around New Year, permanently (I hope! ), and my future employer offers me either 1-year Half Fare card OR to "buy a GA Card and claim an SBB-voucher to the value of the 1-year Half Fare card".

What adds to my confusion is that I haven't secured the flat yet, so I am considering the 2 alternatives:

#1. I will be living in Zurich and I will use e.g. tram or bus to get to work, daily.
#2. I will be living in Winterthur, and commute daily to Zurich with a train, 2nd class.

My office is also in Zurich, around Hardbruecke station. In any case, in my free time I will be willing to travel in Switzerland with trains (2nd class is OK), and also to use public transportation in different places that I will visit. I also would like to sometimes bring along my bike and snowboard on the trains. I am older than 26, and I'm moving alone, no family, no kids yet

Is my gut feeling correct that for both alternatives over my place to live, the GA with compensated value of the 1-year Half Fare card is the better option, considering also my travel plans?
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