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Re: 1-year Half Fare VS GA (discounted for the value of Half Fare)?

As I think I said in my post in your other thread on this subject Winterthur OR Zürich? (post 30 and later)), the GA will not be of any use if you don't travel outside of the canton of Zurich. In this case, a ZVV year pass (around CHF 2200 if you get all zones, less if you only travel betweeen Zürich and Winterthur) is sufficient, together with a half-fare card for weekend trips outside of the canton.

If you get the GA at the price of a GA minus the half-fare card, it is extremely expensive (around CHF 3500), you can travel anywhere at any time.

So the decision between the two could depend on how many trips outside of the canton you decide to make - knowing that just a few multiple-hour train rides with the half-fare card can rack up quite high expenses.

Do your trips outside of the canton amount to CHF 1500 or more? Get the GA.
Do they amount to less? Get the ZVV pass and the half-fare ticket.
Thanks glowjupiter, indeed you answered in my other thread. I just got a bit extra-confused with the new info that my company also offers to discount the GA with the value of 1-year Half Fare, and I was not sure, whether I better continue asking in that thread or open a dedicated one. Now it seems to be clearer--as I can't know for sure how often I will be traveling outside the Zurich canton (in the winter I wish to go snowboarding *everywhere* in CH but realistically speaking I will have enough burden to settle first!), I guess it's better if I go for ZVV pass + half-fare.
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