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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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You must have read a particularly perverse history book. If life under Ottoman rule was only honey and milk, as you describe, why would all those peoples under Ottoman rule constantly fight for freedom? There is a grain of truth in what you said in the early times of the Ottomans, when they were a consolidated power that swept an area bitterly divided among many small rulers who were constantly battling each other and the common folk was naturally suffering. When the Ottomans occupied the Balkans, they brought a certain sense of stability. However, they very quickly disintegrated into a society into which religion (Islam) and class-belonging (spahi) was above everyone else. They were brutal against each other (after Sultan Mehmet all Sultant were killing all their male relatives as a matter of policy to ensure to contest to the throne), they were brutal against the Christians (the son of a goat herder who you describe was much more likely to have his son taken at a very early age to feed the ranks of the military, forcing him into Islam and never to see his family again. Sometimes, such units were sent to destroy the very same villages from which they were taken as kids)
We have these Christian martyrs - a prince who chose to see his sons killed before his eyes than convert to Islam. Such were the days...āncoveanu
Anyway, the whole history of the Balkans/Eastern Europe is troubled and I believe we can't glorify any empire. All of them are guilty of some things. What people from there want today is exactly what everyone else wants - peace, education, health care, safety. A good economy, democracy, freedom of press, human rights, no-one is stuck in the past. Ex-Yugoslavia is a long way from those wars, it was a bitter lesson for all of us.

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