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The truth about swiss girls and women

Part 1

I am a native swiss guy, I grew up here and I am living here for a bit more than 20 years. Given the fact that people from my country are often seen as weird and I have been reading a lot of that stuff recently across the net, I have decided to join this nice community and share my opinions and experiences with the people of my country and my impressions.

English is not my native language, so please forgive me my syntax and sometimes strange ways of expressing myself.

Living here for around 20 years, I still feel like a stranger in my own country, despite being a more or less true swiss. Mostly of french swiss descendants, but also elements from France and Italy are included.
I am living in the german part of Switzerland for mostly involuntary purposes(work, school etc.), but mostly due to me parents coming here for work from the french part. I did all my school stuff here, speak the local swiss german dialect without issues, but also speak accent free french(which is my main language spoken at home and with parents).

As I said I am a real swiss guy, and essentially have everything to be considered as one - still I have failed to understand my own people and I find them odd and weird(even my own parents, despite them saying such things quite often too lol).

But with the years I have understood and did some research and I have realized quite a few things that could be useful for new people coming to Switzerland and/or help swiss guys that are in the situation like myself.

The definition of a swiss girl:

Swiss girls arenít a matter of nationality, but it all comes down assimilation and integration. Regardless of where you come from. If you live here for longer than 8 or 10 years and are familiar with the habits and how the swiss country works, including speaking the local dialect/or at least speaking some good french/german or italian and are behaving like all the swiss people( it comes automatically if youíre willing to assimilate and integrate) - you can be considered a swiss person, or in this case a swiss girl.

Speaking of swiss girls - they can come from the three main parts of Switzerland, each part has their own language as you know. They might be different in terms of language and origins, but their behavior and attitude is exactly the same.

Girls from the french speaking part and italian speaking part might be a little bit opener and smile more often, but essentially they arenít much more different than those from the german speaking part. French speaking swiss girls have often descendants from the german speaking part(judging by their last names) and or/their families live in that part for a long time - so they still have the swiss mentality.
Girls from the german speaking part can also have origins from the french or italian speaking part - but that doesnít change anything regarding their behavior.

While most girls from the italian speaking part are of italian descent, they also have the swiss mentality because they were born and risen there and Ticino has been a part of Switzerland for long enough to follow it. Ironically people from Ticino donít seem to like italian people - so they can be considered as one of the most xenophobic parts of Switzerland(right before the swiss germans, especially from central Switzerland).

So wherever you go and whoever you talk to - youíll encounter the same narrow minded mentality and ignorance.

Social behavior of swiss girls

Swiss girls are considered to be the most difficult, most controversial and most ignorant women on this planet. Myself, as a native, I can confirm that. Once theyíre assimilated they become like that - and I am talking about women of all social classes and all ages.

Swiss girls think theyíre the best on this planet, the most beautiful and most attractive women who have ever lived, and their behavior clearly shows it. The majority of inhabitants in Switzerland are quite wealthy, there are only a few who are extremely rich - but the majority of people have more than enough money, even those with less paid jobs - because the salaries are just so damn high in this country. Just look right and left, see the perfect roads, expensive houses and cars and high end shops everywhere. Made in Switzerland is still something that stands for extra quality!

So they grow up in a world where everything is handed to them on a silver platter. Nearly all girls have a lot of expensive hobbies, such as horses, shopping trips around Europe, shopping every day in the cities, the gym, their own car, sometimes their own flat when they turn 18. The seem to spend money everyday and their parents offer them what they want. The majority of swiss girls are princesses - and they wanna be treated like that. All that paired with an ignorant and arrogant behavior. The go on expensive vacations 4 times a year - everything has to be expensive and exclusive. Just look at some of their social media accounts - theyíre proud to show off their well being.

Swiss girls come across as rude, ignorant and arrogant, but also shy, reserved and prude sometimes.
When they go on an overseas trip they usually do a lot more stupid stuff - because they will leave it there and their reputation isnít in danger. Swiss girls like to hang around with girls a lot - and some make out with them. The way they talk to each other is horrible, describing themselves as close sisters, giving compliments to each other and even doing some dirty talk lol. Their social media accounts are infested with comments from their female friends - they need every second a compliment giving them the confirmation that theyíre the best on this planet. But careful: Compliments from strangers are a harassment to them - compliments can only be given within the social circle.

The nightlife in Switzerland is one of the most difficult to understand in the whole world. While in other countries nightlife mostly serves to get to know other girls and or talk to them, nightlife in Switzerland is something completely different.

Thereís next to no nightlife during the week, because Swiss people need to work hard to cope with the rising expenses. There will be some occasionally clubbing on Thursdays(mostly for students) or going to a bar until 11 PM during the week to drink a beer and chat with your social circle. Thatís it. During the weekend and on Fridays, most swiss girls wanna break out of their normality. They wanna get wasted - but still look good and keep their reputation.

Reputation is a key word in Switzerland. It all comes down to reputation, at work and in your free time. So if you have a bad reputation and/or your charisma is very bad - you will have a hard time in this country. Girls know that, and so they pay extremely attention to what they do and donít do - just to have a good reputation in the world and especially in their social circle.

Swiss girls have the ability to spot men easily who only want an adventure and nothing serious. They must be the best in the world at it, because according to several statements those things are impossible in CH.
Men who have the reputation of only being interested in fast action wonít be looked at in CH and disowned all the time. Youíre likely to go down in the hierarchy of your social circle. Itís also strictly forbidden to start relationships with ex-girlfriends of close friends within your social circle - apparently that can lead to very serious problems and your reputation will go downhills.

Clubbing in Switzerland is just having fun within your social circle, get wasted and do silly things. NOT to meet new people. Girls often come with groups of friends, their social circle and their clique. They have no interest in other men when they go out. They just wanna have a good time and enjoy themselves - be aware of that. If youíre not part of a group, or social circle, or clique - you wonít have a good time in any club or bar. If you approach girls in swiss clubs, they will mostly either ignore you , tell you theyíre taken or walk away. If you insist, they will most likely go to one of their male friends in their social circle and he will take care of the issue and basically tell you to off and leave their women alone.

This goes for all parts of Switzerland - their mentality is the same everywhere.

So again: Clubbing in Switzerland and talking to random girls in bars to get to know them better or find new friends in clubs and bars is essentially impossible in this country - which makes it quite unique in the world.

Oh - and ONS and more of the like are impossible here too. Girls and men watch their reputation a lot - they prefer visiting a hooker instead(which isnít quite good, but at least their need is solved lol).

So donít waste your time to get to know new girls at night or in nightlife! Itís a virtual and physical impossibility!

The social circle - the key to get to know girls(if you manage to enter that secret club).

Social circles in Switzerland are unique in this world. They basically come down to a cult. You get to see groups of people calling their social circle even Ątheir familyď - so see how far it goes. The older you get, the more difficult it gets to establish a social circle. Basically after 30 itís impossible to start from 0 - you gotta know where you stand, who you wanna meet at that time. Loneliness is a big issue in this country and lots of people suffer from depression - because theyíre alone. There are a lot of psychiatric institutes in this country and even more psychiatrists - you can guess why!

Social circles start in preschool. People get to know each other - then some of them leave but there will always be a person who will go with you to primary school - so thatís the first step - somebody has been around you for more than 3 years! Youíll meet new people in primary school , then again some of them leave and others will follow you to secondary school. After school - you can choose to go to high school or do an apprenticeship - where again youíll meet new people but also have acquaintances from earlier schools who will remember you and approach you! The loose social circle of girls and guys is built!

Of course during those school days, most swiss guys will get to know and approach girls, which are quite easy in school - but extremely picky! That goes all the way up till they finish high school!

All couplings and relationships and sexual experiences happen within their social circle during their free time and at school! None of them happen in clubs or somewhere where they enjoy themselves - keep that in mind. Hookups are unknown here and it also comes down the social network theyíre frequenting.

Sexual education starts early in Switzerland, and if you donít start to interact with girls very early here - youíre done for your life. I personally had never a relationship with a woman, because I have been rejected during my school times, suffered from occasional bullying and still have my V-card. Girls will develop fast and guys usually make their experiences quite early and quickly here. I somehow failed going through that time and when I finished high school - it was already too late.

So essentially I have no social circle(I had a fake one during high school, just because people pretended to be friends but turned out to be total assholes), and 0 experience with girls.

I have arranged myself and I essentially donít need all that stuff in my life. I just donít wanna watch people do the same mistakes as I did.

After high school when people work or study - they donít make new friends. They will basically stay with all their acquaintances from school and preschool for their life. By the time swiss girls have a huge social circe of several hundreds of people - itís easy going from there for them.

Keep in mind: If you didnít socialize with people during school and are not a local from Switzerland with lots of acquaintances - you wonít be part of a social circle and therefor will have no access to swiss girls. Reputation is important in a social circle - so thatís why people are careful.

Swiss girls are extremely cautious and distrust everybody who isnít from their place. People with no social circle will be ignored. Donít forget that CH is a small country, a lot of people know each other and the cities are more likely to be big villages. While social circles in cities are more diverse and subcultural - in rural areas itís just horrible. Often thereís only one social circle within younger people, with hundreds of people.
So even as a swiss person from another place you wonít have access to those social circles - if youíre not a local. They might give you the opportunity to present yourself and hang out a bit, but you didnít know them for 15 years or longer - so theyíll keep you at distance and away from the girls. Social circles in Switzerland are a bit like those motorcycle gangs - youíre basically a ĄHangaroundď at best if youíre not from the place.

So again: If youíre new in town - donít bother to enter those social circles, because you will never be accepted as one them. Itís not worth the humiliation.

People will tell you to join local sports clubs or other clubs in general to get enrolled in the local community - this is only correct to a certain extend. You might be seen as a valuable player, or good member of the team - but you will never be accepted to be one them - and you wonít have access to all the activities that happen outside of the clubs, such as going out together or talking to the girls that are in that group. When youíre working for the club, or a good player or whatever they see you as somebody that belongs to them, youíre useful to them in fact. But everything that goes beyond those activities - they will let you feel it, youíre not one of them and never will be!

Also girls in social circles tend to have a lot of guy-friends, so basically guys they went to school with and did some stuff in the past. Usually they fall in love with one of them - so your chances if youíre new in town are pretty much 0. Only go for the girls who are in your social circle, is the rule number 1 here in CH, and if you donít have a social circle, even as a local swiss guy, you wonít get near a girl anywhere, anytime.

So if youíre moving to CH, make sure to have social circles in advance, or bring a partner from your place you met there. Switzerland isnít a place for small talk, casual flirts, compliments and easy going pick up/chat up women. Even men who had success in all other countries you could imagine - didnít get near any swiss girls.

Us swiss guys have a tough life lol - but we gotta cope with it and honestly living without a woman on your side of any experience with women isnít that bad. The problem will mostly be the fertility rate, which is quite low and that there will be too many women in the end. HAHA!!

The high divorce rate and women who think theyíre still good at 46

CH has one of the highest divorce rates in Europe, which is nearly 50%. How comes that? Well people in CH arenít happily married. Itís mostly because they have to, mostly to keep things within the family. Divorced people are still stigmatized in central CH and conservative places these days - so it makes sense. There's also lots of single women in CH, mostly because they failed within their social circle or they moved away from the place. Thereís a high percentage of women having kids very late - which means between 35 and 40. CH women seem to be very fertile till very late - some even have healthy kids at 44 or older. So itís not surprising if you see women marry only at 40 and have kids on or two years later - and then divorce lol. But they got what they wanted - which is children and the poor men can pay for nearly the rest of their lives.
A main reason why CH has one of the lowest birth rates.

Thereís surprisingly few women who have children between 25 and 34, mostly because theyíre occupied with their own careers or they feel too young to be a mother lol. In CH there exist two types:
One type has a first child very young, between 15 and 24. Those cases are mostly damned for life, because they either donít have enough savings, need to live with their parents and of course canít continue their work and studies. Their partners often break up with them and theyíre left alone and stigmatized for life. Those partners are always part of their social circles.

Then thereís the women who have worked hard for a long time of their life, made some decent money and have some excellent careers and academic grades. Now they just get to look around a bit in their social circles for a similar partner for the sole purpose to have a child and break up then because they canít stand their beta male behavior - but they want their money lol. If a woman has no social life at that time they can also go to a sperm bank and do it that way.

Women in CH think theyíre the best till a quite advanced age. Women at 40 still think theyíre excellent wife material and that they will have a life like at 20 - while in other countries women are disillusioned. But that quickly changes at 50 when the majority of them will directly fall into a midlife crisis - and most of them will suffer from psychiatric problems. At lot of swiss girls are already very mental at a young age, having a skewed view of the world and especially of men.

So yes, most CH women are mentally challenged here, regardless of their age - thatís why so many swiss men are either alone or go overseas to meet women from other countries. Even in Austria and Germany the chances are excellent. Every other place on the earth is better to seek and meet women - but CH is just absolutely horrible - and thatís coming from a native local who knows how the country works!

At an early age but especially when youíre older your social circle is also useful for all sorts of corruption and nepotism. If you know the right people it will help you to pursue your career or place your money - thatís why the CH people love their ĄApťroď lol.

Part 2 follows below
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