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Re: Syria - It ain't over till it's over

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Have no illusions, US was planning on having this war, was funneling arms, let Turkey and Saudis do the same, and now they build up the "weapons of mass destruction" (ups, obsolete, this time it is "war crimes") propaganda so that if they escalate then the stupid voters in US will not object, so they'll not have to use CIA doing covert arms trade but instead the congress will bless the war.
Unlikely during Obama, who has been able to continue the war without ground troop through the use of drones. So long as we don't have body bags coming in, few complain.

On the otherhand, there is a ramp up of activity in Syria and Iraq where Obama might just come in for a final victory lap in time for the November election, in order to try to give Hillary a boost. Cynical, yet they are motivated by such things nevertheless.
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