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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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IMF in June: "Brexit will trigger a recession in the UK"
IMF in October: "Britain will be fastest growing G7 economy this year"

Funny thing about all the doom and gloom mongers like you is that you're just waiting and hoping for disaster. Instead of accepting the decision and trying to help shape the future for the UK after Brexit, the remoaners just sit on the side lines slinging mud.
Why do have to say "ALL"??

I, for one, think the situation is shit but if I didn't have family and friends back in the UK I wouldn't give a toss. I don't live there, I don't pay my taxes there or use the services there and the odd dips in Sterling are great opportunities for me to do some cheap shopping.

I care a lot and really hope that the UK doesn't hit a massive downturn and it doesn't adversely affect the people I love who are back there and are staring down an uncertain future.

Having a different viewpoint and looking at things through the goggles of someone who thinks the EU is probably not such a bad thing but needed an overhaul rather than a sledgehammer approach does NOT mean I want the situation to cause problems in my home country.

It's an element of smug Leave voters who are the ones fully convinced of the future that are the ones deluding themselves. How can anyone be sure of what will happen once Brexit actually happens? Because we are still in the period where basically nothing has happened and the UK is still very much part of the EU.

I don't have confidence in the bunch of buffoons currently steering the ship out of the EU. The government and the IMF has no clear plan and are clueless of what could happen.

If you think this is how things should be then it's kind of typical of the average "everything is awesome" Brexit voter.
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